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Sonos Sub Mini

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Sonos Sub Mini is the compact subwoofer that boosts your movies, music, and games with added bass.

Pair with Beam or Ray for more immersive TV experience, or enjoy more depth and clarity for music when you pair with One, One SL speakers.

As low as MYR 2,999.00
- 3 payments with 0% interest

Mini makes a big impact
Feel more immersed in every scene and song with rich, clear, and balanced bass that’s perfect for small to medium sized spaces.

No buzz or rattle
Both woofers face inwards to create a force-canceling effect that generates deep, dynamic low end while neutralizing buzz, rattle, and distortion.

Advanced digital signal processing maximizes bass response and reproduces the full-toned low frequencies expected from a much larger subwoofer.

More exhilarating home theatre
Unlock your entertainment when you pair Sub Mini with Beam or Ray and experience dramatic depth that puts you inside your shows, movies, and games.


Hides in plain sight
Sub Mini was designed with a compact, elegant cylindrical design that’s unlike any other subwoofer.

Place it beside your sofa or credenza without pulling focus from the TV or your interior style.

Low bass with low effort
Just plug in the power cable, open the app, and follow a few simple instructions to add Sub Mini to your system.

The volume automatically adjusts along with your paired soundbar or speaker. Use the Sonos app to customise the EQ and change the bass level to your preference.


Connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router. 

Low latency 5 GHz connection to a Sonos soundbar enhances audio transmission speed for high-quality sound synced with your TV.

Equipped with 1 10/100 Mbps ethernet port. Wire directly to your router if WiFi is unreliable.


All Sonos speakers and components connect over WiFi so you can build the system you want. Put on a podcast in the bedroom while someone else watches TV in the living room, or group all your speakers to play music in sync.


Adjustable EQ automatically equalise to balance Sub Mini and the paired Sonos product(s). Use the Sonos app to manualy adjust bass, and loudness. 

Trueplay measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes the sound. Support iOS device required.


Side panel buttons & lights. Hold to set up and pair with your system. LED indicates Sub Mini status.


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