SwitchEasy LenShield IPhone 13 Series

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SwitchEasy LenShield Aluminum Camera Lens Protector For Apple iPhone 13 Series Description Aviation -Grade Aluminum Alloy- Same finish as MacBook for an exquisite appearance. Camera Lens Protection - 1mm higher than the camera lens, protecting from direct impact. Origianl Beauty - Keep the original photo resolution without glass above. Easy Installation, Residue -Free Removal- Easy to install and tightly fit with 3M tape. Specifications Material : Aluminum Product only Dimension : 35.50 x 34.30 x 2.48 mm Product in retail package : 145*92*12 mm Product only Weight : 2.6g Product in the retail package : 24.1g Design LenShield is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy with anodizing surface, giving both protection to the camera lens and quality looking. LenShield is higher than camera len to prevent direct impact, and no glass or plastic is above the camera so it can take the photos with original beauty. Fit tightly with 3M tape and remove without residue.

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