PS5 : PuyoPuyo Tetris 2

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Two of the best-selling and most recognized puzzle games worldwide collide once again and return as "PuyoPuyo™Tetris® 2"!
In addition to the classic modes from the previous game, PuyoPuyo™Tetris® 2 also includes new and exciting stories, characters, modes and other features. Players new to the series can learn to play in "Lesson" mode while up to 4 players can enjoy playing "Puyo Puyo" and "Tetris" in both online and offline modes.

★Special Digital Edition Bonus "5 Item Card Booster Pack"
The digital version includes an exclusive bonus - 5 Item Cards usable in the new Skill Battle Mode, including "Plump Pudding", "Simple Wand", "Flame Sword", "Silver Shield" and "Power Band".

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