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Stylus TG-Tracker, a Tough camera that lets you relive the moment.

The Stylus TG-Tracker records everything -- the amazing scenery in front of you, the paths you took, and even details of the environment you were in. What it records provides a sense of accomplishment for the photographer, and conveys the excitement of the moment to the viewer. Introducing the Stylus TG-Tracker, the long-awaited field log camera that carries on with the Olympus Tough series pedigree.

Field Sensor System

Using the TG-Tracker's variety of built-in field sensors, the user's outdoor experience is captured in its entirety.

The field data and images captured by the TG-Tracker can be transferred to a smartphone and displayed simultaneously to relive the achievement and excitement of the moment.

  • GPS

            The longitude and latitude are calculated from GPS, Glonass, and QZSS satellite signals. You can updatethe GPS assist data to make high-speed positioning possible.

  • Barometer

            The barometer provides information for calculating the altitude and depth of water.

  • Temperature sensor

            The sensor is designed so that it is not affected by the internal temperature of the camera when reading field temperature[1] or water temperature.

  • Direction sensor

            The camera detects which direction the lens is pointed.

  • Acceleration sensor

            This acceleration sensor captures the camera's movement in the field along 3 axes.

Tough Performance

The TG-Tracker features a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and freezeproof construction so you can shoot in any environment, whether it is underwater or up in the snowy mountains.

  • Waterproof performance down to 30 m. Reliable waterproofing makes underwater shooting easy and fun.

            Waterproof performance down to 30 m[1] makes deeper shooting possible, showing the truly mysterious nature of the sea.

  • Shockproof up to 2.1 m[1] and crushproof up to 100 kgf[1] to withstanding the most punishing use

            The TG-Tracker is built with excellent shockproof and crushproof performance, enabling you to focus on your activities even in difficult environments, without having to worry about the camera getting             damaged.

  • Dustproof performance for peace of mind in any location

            This design features an airtight construction that prevents sand and dust from entering the camera. If the camera gets dirty, simply rinsed it off with tap water.

  • Freezeproof up to -10℃[1] for use in cold regions and the winter mountains

            Freezeproof construction lets you shoot without any problems even in below freezing conditions. This design provides peace of mind when shooting in cold regions and up in snowy mountains.

  • Construction that makes it Tough

            Dustproof performance and waterproof performance down to a depth of 30 m is made possible with a unique sealing construction. The double-layered construction with the inner chassis enveloping the             housing and the outer chassis protecting the outside improves shockproof and crushproof performance.

High-grade Images

This model is equipped with a diagonal 204° ultra wide-angle lens, allowing you to shoot image that are beyond your own angle of vision. The camera is also equipped with the latest in imaging technology such as support for 4K movies.

  • Dynamic movies captured with a diagonal 204° ultra-wide angle lens.

            The TG-Tracker features a diagonal 204° lens that allows you to shoot image that are beyond your own angle of vision. With this feature, you can capture surrounding scenery that you aren't even aware of             and convey the excitement like you never did before.

  • TruePic VII for 4K

            The TruePic VII for 4K image processor was developed based on the TruePic VII included on Olympus interchangeable lens cameras, with added compatibility for 4K movies. Because the TG-Tracker is             equipped with the TruePic VII for 4K, you can easily capture beautiful 4K movies of outdoor scenes.

  • Back-lit CMOS sensor

            The camera features a back-lit CMOS sensor that provides high ISO performance and keeps noise to a minimum.

  • Electronic 5-axis image stabilisation

            The TG-Tracker compensates for camera shake along 5 axes, providing a stable image regardless of the shooting conditions.

  • 4K movie playback via HDMI output

            The camera can be connected to a 4K compatible TV using a third-party HDMI cable for viewing 4K movies recorded on the TG-Tracker.

Shooting Styles and Operability

The TG-Tracker is designed to capture images exactly the way you want in any kind of environment.

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