Olympus E-PL8 DZK

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A new PEN for those who enjoy cameras and photography in their own unique way.

A new PEN with a refined design. This camera is almost like an accessory on its own. This PEN is packed with features to help you express yourself, such as selfie mode, Wi-Fi, Art Filter, and more. It's a camera to be proud of and one that you'll always want to use.

Simple, Refined Design

With a refined design, the E-PL8 is almost like an accessory on its own.

It's a camera you'll always want to use.

Touch Selfie

E-PL8 is the perfect camera to take selfies.

And with selfie movies, you can capture yourself moving and speaking.

Smartphone Linkage

Easily import your favourite photos and movies to your smartphone via Wi-Fi for sharing.

Use the remote shooting function to capture yourself from head to toe, exactly in the way you want.

Shooting Movies

Create short movies with Clips and make movies look better by adding visual effects.

DSLR Image Quality

With a large sensor, interchangeable lenses, and state-of-the-art technology, shoot DSLR-quality photos with defocused backgrounds and a clear, blur-free picture.

Beautiful even in the darker areas

The powerful image stabilisation makes it easy to shoot photos of nightscapes and of dimly lit settings. You can capture sharp, vivid, beautiful photos.

Beautiful background bokeh

The large lens and sensor make it possible to create beautiful background bokeh to make your subjects stand out.

More Features

Shooting is more fun with unique features such as Art Filter and Live Composite.

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