Olloclip Photography Set for iPhone X

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Exclusively for iPhone X. 


Our Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro Lenses offer a 180° spherical effect, a wider field of view and macro magnification to enhance your iPhone camera's perspective. 


Unique, 180° spherical effect to capture everything around you.

Use this for: action sports videos, creative portraits, emphasizing unique architecture or landscapes.


Magnification turns your camera into a microscope for the ultimate close-up.

Use this for: a sharp focus on small subjects with a blurry "bokeh" background effect, discovering fine textures and intricate details.


Doubles your field of view so you can get more in the frame.

Use this for: group selfies, expansive landscape and architecture shots.


• Swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip).

• Multi-element coated glass optics deliver premium image quality.

• Our patented system attaches and aligns instantly. No extra parts needed.

• Aligns with front and rear-facing cameras.

• Clip expands to work with screen protectors.

• Pendant Stand opens to create a pocket-sized tripod.

• Great for video, time-lapse, panoramas and 360° VR photos.

• Works with all camera apps.

• Includes: Fisheye Lens, Super-Wide Lens, Macro Lens, clip, pendant stand, lens caps, microfiber cloth.

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