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Timebox-Evo is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker series. With the smart mobile app "Divoom" users can create pixel art and have access to many other great and useful functions. With the auto sleep timer you ensure a great listening and playing experience.


Pixel art is so easy and fun to create on Timebox Evo. You can choose an image and convert it to pixel art design in real time. Or you can create multi-ad pixel art and play them back-to-back to create video effect"

Animation & sleep support

You can also create pixel art animation on Timebox Evo. To create a smooth animation you need to train both hemispheres, where your logic and creativity are equally important. There are 24 customizable built-in sleep aid profiles to choose from. Enjoy a better night's sleep with alpha wave audio tracks and specially calibrated melatonin-boosting lighting.. 

Daily Alarm Clock

Start your morning with 14 built-in daily alarms with highly-customizable options. Both audio and light on your Timebox-Evo will come on gradually to imitate the actual sun rise scenario.

Social Media Notification

when there's a new message, Timebox-Evo will provide the visual alert for your favorite social media application

Divoom Community

Join the millions of users in our online pixel art gallery & community. Sharing your creations, liking each other's designs and following your favorite artists - this is the platform for all pixel art lovers that brings a lot of joy.

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