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Pixoo64 have made quite an impression with their unique pixel displays. See for yourself.


A smart pixel clock display for live weather, stocks, social media counter, game trackers, and more.


The Pixoo64 is a Wi-Fi-enabled large-format pixel art display, capable of pulling live 


You can DIY and display your favorite pixel art animation.

Great room decor

The breadth of different motifs is really great and a real eye-catching decor in every office, every gaming lounge, every store or just on the bedside table! 

Pixel art creation

This is a pixel art display that can be customized to whatever pixel art you like on the screen. On the Divoom app, you are given the option of designing you own image , animation and scrolling text message - all offering a large variety of options. There are lots of set images or you can choose to create your own image either with or without text.

Accurate time with multi-setting faces

Make your space stand out with Wi-Fi connected Pixoo64. Create your own or choose from 20 interesting clock faces, created by pixel art fans, that are sure to make your interior exciting and eye-catching.

Celebrate in style

Plunge into the holiday atmosphere with Pixoo64 and its festive clock faces that automatically come to life on holidays. Christmas tree, Easter bunny or a pumpkin mean it’s time to celebrate!

Daily information tracking

Social media 

Keep track of the performance of a video or a social media account. With the Pixoo-64, you can celebrate every milestone with your followers. 

Financial info 

Stay ahead in the game with the Pixoo-64. Using its WiFi connection, it will automatically fetch the online financial information, and display your selected stock or cyber currency prices. We will also consider to add in other stock markets through later updates. Options includes: USA Stocks Bitcoin Price Cyber Currency Price 

Gaming performance

Pixoo-64 can also display your KDA, in-game performance and match results, so you can sharpen your skills to climb the ranking ladder.  

Works with Alexa 

Add voice control by combining with an Alexa device for simple voice commands (Only for location in US & UK)

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