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Bose Portable Smart Speaker Triple Black

The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is the most versatile smart speaker from Bose. It’s a wireless, portable, voice-controlled speaker all in one. Take it with you around the house or take it with you when you leave. Control it with your voice anywhere your Wi-Fi® reaches or control it with your phone anywhere it doesn’t. And no matter what you listen to or where you listen to it, you’ll hear it all in 360 degrees of astonishing Bose sound.


  • Spacious 360° sound and powerful bass

  • The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in

  • Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility to play whatever you want, however you want

  • Control with your voice, a touch or the Bose Music app

  • Durable, water-resistant design with up to 12 hours of battery life per charge

  • Part of the Bose family of smart speakers and soundbars designed to grow with you, so you can enjoy more music in more rooms

  • Optional charging cradle (sold separately) in Triple Black or Luxe Silver


Use the Bose Portable Smart Speaker as a smart speaker anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. With direct access to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa*, you can play music, ask questions and get information all with just your voice.

* Voice services (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) may vary and may not be available in all languages and countries.

Outside Wi-Fi range, use the Portable Smart Speaker as a wireless Bluetooth® speaker. Play popular music services like Spotify®, Amazon Music and Deezer, or stream anything from your mobile phone or tablet. Apple users can also use Apple AirPlay 2 to play audio from their devices.

Each part of the Bose Portable Smart Speaker works in total harmony to deliver deep, clear, lifelike sound for whatever you’re listening to. And thanks to 360° omnidirectional sound, whether you put it in the middle of the party or the corner of the bedroom, you’ll hear it loud and clear.

The Bose Music app makes it easy to set up your Portable Smart Speaker with step-by-step instructions. Then you can browse all your music in one place—seamlessly jump between stations, playlists and services without ever leaving the app. The Bose Music app also lets you group any Bose smart speakers or soundbars you’ve got for a seamless audio experience throughout your home. Listen to different songs in different rooms or one song in every room at the same time and get everyone singing along.

Every speaker and soundbar in the Bose smart home family is engineered with built-in voice control, multi-room functionality and omnidirectional sound. So when you talk to them, they’ll talk right back—or play music, or read the news, or set a timer and so much more—and you’ll hear it all in astonishing Bose sound. Start with one Bose smart speaker or soundbar and add more at any time.

The optional charging cradle accessory (sold separately) is the perfect home for your Bose Portable Smart Speaker. Keep your speaker’s battery full when you’re not using it—or keep the music playing even while you’re charging it.

The availability and features of music and voice services may vary. A home Wi-Fi® network and Internet access are required. Bose, Bose Portable Smart Speaker and Bose Music are trademarks of Bose Corporation. Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google LLC. Amazon, Amazon Music, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliates. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Bose Corporation is under licence. Spotify is a registered trademark of Spotify AB. Deezer is a registered trademark of Blogmusik SAS.


Technical Specifications
Speaker19.15 cm H x 11.9 cm W x 10.4 cm D (1.06 kg)
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What are the main benefits of the Bose Portable Home Speaker?

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is an incredible-sounding smart speaker that’s flexible enough to handle any situation. It produces surprisingly spacious audio, including deep, rich bass, which spreads evenly in all directions so it envelops you from every angle. It’s battery powered, so you can easily take it with you all around your home and ask the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for music. And away from Wi-Fi®, it’s still an excellent Bluetooth® speaker—so your sound can go wherever you go. Plus, you can control it with the Bose Music app, Apple AirPlay 2 or Spotify® Connect, or with the intuitive buttons on the speaker. And you can group it with other Bose smart speakers and soundbars to fill your home with sound—or even send synchronised audio to a Bose Bluetooth speaker or pair of headphones.

How does the Bose Portable Home Speaker compare to the Bose Home Speaker 500 and Bose Home Speaker 300?

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is our only portable smart speaker, while the Bose Home Speaker 300 and Home Speaker 500 have no battery and must be plugged into the wall to function. Acoustically, the Portable Home Speaker and the Home Speaker 300 have comparable performance, with the same 360-degree sound and impressively rich bass from similarly compact sizes. Meanwhile, the larger Bose Home Speaker 500 is our best-sounding smart speaker, providing wall-to-wall stereo sound from a single enclosure. The Home Speaker 500 also includes a display screen to show you what’s playing. Finally, the Portable Home Speaker is water-resistant and does not have an aux input, while the Home Speaker 300 and 500 are not water-resistant and do include aux. All three speakers share the same app and software features, including compatibility with the Bose Music app, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, the ability to synchronise in multi-room groups and more.

How does the Bose Portable Home Speaker compare to the Bose SoundLink Revolve+?

The Bose Portable Home Speaker has noticeably more powerful acoustic performance than the SoundLink Revolve+ and is a bit larger, with a different visual design. Both products work as a Bluetooth speaker in any environment, but when you bring the Portable Home Speaker onto a Wi-Fi network, it also has Bose Music app and AirPlay 2 compatibility, synchronises with multiple speakers and more). The SoundLink Revolve+ does not have Wi-Fi access. Finally, the SoundLink Revolve+ has a battery life of up to 16 hours, while the extra acoustic power and voice assistant functionality of the Portable Home Speaker limit its battery life to up to 12 hours at loud volumes.

What should I do if the Bose Music app doesn’t find my Portable Home Speaker during setup?

First check that your speaker is in Setup Mode: the upper and lower portions of the light ring should be glowing an amber colour. If this is not the case, please follow these three simple steps to make sure your speaker is in Setup Mode:

1. Connect the speaker to a power socket using the USB-C cable and power supply

2. Turn the speaker on by pressing the Power button

3. Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and the Play/Pause buttons for six seconds. While you’re doing this, the sides of the light ring should glow white and increase in size

What sources can I play music from?

The Bose Portable Home Speaker can play music directly from streaming music services over Wi-Fi, controlled using the Bose Music app. The Bose Portable Home Speaker also has Bluetooth capability. Additionally, you can play music on the Bose Portable Home Speaker from the Spotify app on a smartphone, tablet or computer using Spotify Connect, and from an Apple device via Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility for streaming content like Apple Music.

Can I use the Bose Portable Home Speaker without Wi-Fi?

Yes. When no Wi-Fi is available, you can use the Portable Home Speaker as a powerful Bluetooth speaker by connecting to it through your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings. Wi-Fi is required for Apple AirPlay 2 and Bose Music app control, content browsing, multi-speaker grouping and more.

What happens when I take the speaker away from a Wi-Fi network while it’s playing?

If you start music on the Bose Portable Home Speaker through Wi-Fi (using the Bose Music app, for example) and then you carry the product away from your Wi-Fi network, at some point the speaker will lose its Wi-Fi signal and the music will stop. At that point, if you want to keep playing, just press the Bluetooth button on the speaker to connect to your mobile device and play content from there. If you start playback over Bluetooth away from Wi-Fi and then bring the speaker home to a Wi-Fi network, it will reconnect to Wi-Fi in the background without interrupting your music.

How long will the battery last?

Battery life depends on what type of music you’re playing and at what volume, but the battery of the Portable Home Speaker will last for up to 12 hours while playing at a loud volume. It will last for over 24 hours in standby mode, listening for voice commands. And if you turn it all the way off for storage, travel or battery saving, it will last a month or more.

How long does it take for the battery to charge fully?

4 hours, as long as you are using the Bose-provided power cable attached to the speaker or to the Bose Portable Home Speaker Charging Cradle (available as an accessory). Using a third-party USB-C cable or power source may increase charging time.

Does the Bose Portable Home Speaker have Wi-Fi built in?

Yes. The speaker uses the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Does the Bose Portable Home Speaker have Bluetooth built in?

Yes. Bluetooth makes it easy for anyone to connect a smartphone or other device to the Bose Portable Home Speaker in a familiar way, and allows you the flexibility to play audio from any source, like a YouTube video or a recording saved on a phone or laptop.

Does the Bose Portable Home Speaker have an auxiliary line-in jack or the ability to play auxiliary through its USB-C port?


Can I charge the speaker and play audio at the same time?


Does the Bose Portable Home Speaker include or work with a remote control?

No. You can control the product from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network using the Bose Music app or Apple AirPlay 2, or from remote locations using Spotify Connect.

Is the Bose Portable Home Speaker water resistant?

Yes. The Portable Home Speaker is IPx4 water resistant, so you can get it wet with splashes and sprays. While the speaker should not be submerged under water, it can easily withstand sprays from sitting next to the sink, the pool or the shower.

Can the product connect to more than one Bluetooth device at a time?

No. Only one mobile device can be connected to the Bose Portable Home Speaker at a time via Bluetooth. However, it’s easy to switch between devices using the Bose Music app or the Bluetooth settings on the selected device.

What is the acoustic technology in the Bose Portable Home Speaker?

The Bose Portable Home Speaker applies unique Bose portable speaker acoustic technology in a new, more powerful form factor. An ultra-efficient, high-excursion transducer aims downwards into an acoustic deflector to radiate rich sound uniformly in every direction, while three passive radiators deepen the bass by increasing the vibrating surface area of the speaker. Just like with our SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ portable speakers, this 360-degree design avoids the positional sweet spots and frequency drop-offs of speakers that just aim forwards—but this time, with the extra power and stronger bass that come with a new shape and a third passive radiator. Placed in the middle of the room, a corner or anywhere in between, the Bose Portable Home Speaker delivers the same impressive audio experience for everyone. Music is clear, surprisingly spacious and remarkably loud for a product of this size.

Can I control the bass and treble?

Yes. Bass and treble can be adjusted via the settings menu in the Bose Music app.

Can the Bose Portable Home Speaker work in multi-room groups with other Bose products like speakers or headphones?

Yes. The Bose Portable Home Speaker can play in synchronised multi-room groups with additional Bose Portable Home Speaker units, or with the Bose Home Speaker 500, the Bose Home Speaker 300, the Bose Soundbar 500 or the Bose Soundbar 700. And coming soon, you can also send synchronised audio from the Bose Portable Home Speaker to one additional Bose Bluetooth product, such as a portable speaker or pair of headphones. However, you cannot play synchronised multi-room content across the Bose Portable Home Speaker and either Bose SoundTouch products or products from other manufacturers (including Google or Amazon).

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