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AfterShokz finally has a pair of waterproof bone-conducting headphones. The new Xtrainerz (pronounced “cross trainers”) target water sport fans who want to listen to music, but still leave the ears open to the sounds around them. Be it the threatening buzz of a motorboat cutting through the water, or idle banter in the lineup as your mates await the next wave.

The Xtrainerz are IP68 certified to withstand dust, sweat, and complete submersion in salt or fresh water up to a depth of six feet. AfterShokz says that the headphones withstood a 72-hour salt spray test without signs of corrosion, and the lightweight titanium frame stayed in place through different styles of competitive swimming.

The Xtrainerz also don’t require connectivity to a phone or portable MP3 player as they include 4GB of built-in storage to hold about 1,000 songs, with a battery that should last up to six hours.

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